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HUIJIN, a leading bank and office equipment manufacturer in Mainland China, is committed to provide the best equipments for your banknote-handling and office work of everyday.  more>>
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  Hebei Huijin Electromechanical Co.,Ltd. has been publicly listed on...
Hebei Huijin Electromechanical Co.,Ltd. has been publicly listed on ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
》We will attend 2013 CeBIT Hannover recently
》Bank of China plans global expansion: report
》The IMF said the world economy, but to avoid an increased risk of second bottom
Production  &  Quality   >
Abiding by 5S method in manufacturing and performing TQM throughout the whole production procedures, Huijin passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2007 and will maintain the pursuit of strict and higher-level quality management.   more>>
Banknote Strapping Machine Series
Strap 1,000 pcs banknotes into 1 bundle with plastic belt. Adjustable strapping pressure ensures banknotes safe.  more>>
Banknote Banding Machine Series
Specially developed for automatically banding loose banknotes with PE coated paper tape or PP film tape in 20/30/40mm width.  more>>
Tube Binding Machine Series
Make your binding work easier as it drills plus binds your paper automatically, starting with just one-button-push that accomplishes the whole process.   more>>
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