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HUIJIN, a leading bank and office equipment manufacturer in Mainland China, is committed to provide the best equipments for your banknote-handling and office work of everyday.  more>>
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  》We will attend 2013 CeBIT Hannover recently
》We will attend 2013 CeBIT Hannover recently
》Bank of China plans global expansion: report
》The IMF said the world economy, but to avoid an increased risk of second bottom
》Yuan expected to become major world currency
Production  &  Quality   >
Abiding by 5S method in manufacturing and performing TQM throughout the whole production procedures, Huijin passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2007 and will maintain the pursuit of strict and higher-level quality management.   more>>
Banknote Strapping Machine Series
Strap 1,000 pcs banknotes into 1 bundle with plastic belt. Adjustable strapping pressure ensures banknotes safe.  more>>
Banknote Banding Machine Series
Specially developed for automatically banding loose banknotes with PE coated paper tape or PP film tape in 20/30/40mm width.  more>>
Tube Binding Machine Series
Make your binding work easier as it drills plus binds your paper automatically, starting with just one-button-push that accomplishes the whole process.   more>>
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