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R&D plays an important role in the Huijin's innovation process. The Innovation results in high quality products, successful business, better services and more efficient processes.
To achieve and maintain Huijin's advantages in the increasingly global market, Huijin has been combining the sustained investment in R&D at the considerable levels with appropriate investment in capital equipment, market development, new business processes, and other key drivers of productivity. R&D results in valuable inventions, ideas and designs which can be a source of potential value. 

R&D Direction

Execute the principle "oriented by need of customers"
Focus on Cash processing and Paper binding series equipments.

R&D system

The most innovative and experienced engineers form Huijin's Research & Development Department. The R&D team is responsible for new product development and product improvement. At the same time, Hujin and Xiamen Jimei University, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Hebei Institute of Architecture Civil Engineering carry out cooperation on technology project. It ensures that Huijin also in the future will be on the edge of development.

R & D achievements
HUIJIN obtained 53 patents with independent intellectual property rights which include 19 software patents. Meanwhile, HUIJIN accumulates quantity of technical know-how on optics, machinery, electronic and magnetic etc, and masters related non-patented key technology on technology, craft, equipment, assemble etc.

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