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Brief Description
Strap 1,000 pcs banknotes into 1 bundle with plastic belt. Adjustable strapping pressure ensures banknotes safe.

Double Cross Strapping
ZK-400BL straps 10 packets of 100 pieces banknotes into 1 bundle with PP Belt automatically. It can strap banknotes tightly and orderly, which ensures there is no space to take out banknotes and more secure for banknotes transit.


  1. Fully automatic: strap the banknote packets with Double-Cross strapping simultaneously.
  2. 3 Strapping Modes: select the best mode according to different needs
  3. Mode 1, strap banknotes one long band onlyMode 2, strap banknotes two short bands only.Mode 3, strap banknotes 3 bands at the same time.Double-Cross strapping ensures there is no space to take out banknotes.
  4. Strapping with pressure: strap banknotes under 500-1500kg adjusting pressure. It ensures the strapped bundle is very tight and orderly, more secure for banknote bundles storage and transit.
  5. Pre-press function: patent design for old banknotes strapping.
  6. External belt Box: easy to install the belt. 
  7. Environmental protection: adopt patented “No-contact Heating” technology, no bad smell and no smog.
  8. LCD display: clearly show operation process and troubleshooting indication.
  9. Safety device: protecting-shutter ensures user’s safety.
  10. Suitable to strap all denomination of USD, CNY, Indian rupees, Nepalese rupees etc


Item Parameter
Power Supply 220V, 50HZ
Average Power <190W
Strapping Speed <18s
Strapping Pressure 500-1500kg
Strapping Belt Width 12mm
Dimension 490x625x1120mm
N.W. 115KG


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