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ZB-300Y series banding machine with printer
Brief Description

a. Built-in smart printer, real-time print, clear printout
b. Required information printed on paper tape, 2 lines, 30 characters each line
c. Heavy-duty, 24*7 constant work
d. 20/30/40 mm tape width optional
e. 3.5" touch screen, easily set and clearly show work conditions
f. Default print, no print optional

Sealing method                        Heating and jointing 
Cartridge                                    Ink-jet printing
Banding capacity                     No print     width 60-220mm
                                                    With print    width   60-220mm
Speed                                          20 bands/min(including print)
Banding tape:                           PE coated paper tape or film tape
                                                     Tape width: 20/30/40mm optional
Power supply:                              220V  50Hz/110V 60Hz
Dimension                                582x390x223mm(with tape box and printing module)
Net Weight:                                29KGS
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