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Brief Description
Make your binding work easier as it drills plus binds your paper automatically, starting with just one-button-push that accomplishes the whole process.

HJ-200A is an upgraded model to HJ-50A which has developed the User Interface and adopted an LCD screen that makes the operation much easier and more friendly.


  • Max. drill and bind thickness is 50 mm.
  • Fully automatically drill and bind with just one button push and a ream of paper is bound within several seconds.
  • With Nylon tubes as binding consumables, the durability and security of the bound works are highly ensured.
  • LCD display clearly shows the operation process and the malfunctioning information.
  • A "drill only" mode is available when only punching jobs are needed.


  1. Max. Drill and bind thickness: 50 mm
  2. Drill Bit: Ф 7 mm Hollow Drill Bit
  3. Drill and Bind Mode: "Automatic drill and bind" mode, "Drill only" mode
  4. Operation Display: LCD
  5. Max. Power: 400 W
  6. Dimensions (L x W x H): 460 mm x 430 mm x 665 mm
  7. Net Weight: 38 Kg
  8. Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz


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